Four day weekend…

I have a four day weekend for a Thanksgiving. I figured I had one flex day left at work and the year is nearly over, might as well use it and make an extra long weekend out of it. For middle October, the washer is going to be very nice, no complaints on that front at all.

The Toronto Blue Jays opened their first playoff series yesterday afternoon against the Texas Rangers. It wasn’t a good game, not at all. David Price had quite a bit of rust to shake off. Who knew that resting him for 11 days, or whatever it was, wouldn’t be a good idea. Apparently, everyone except the GM and the Manager of the Jays. 

I don’t mind the Manager, seems like a decent enough guy. The GM though, despite his last two seasons where he’s actually done something, is a useless twit. Why the Jays have kept him is beyond me. However, now that he’s finally out a team together that have made the playoffs, the Toronto fans think he’s the second coming of Christ. I think ive determined that, unfortunately, Jays fans are as dumb as Leaf fans. After watching yesterday’s game, I think the Jays post season run will be 3, perhaps 4 games. And I’m not talking about a series win either. We will see, and I hope I’m wrong. If they lose today, they are done. That isn’t a stretch in thinking that. 

It is interesting that thus far, in four games in the playoffs, the visitors have won all four games. I am happy that the Astros beat the Royals. I hat them, almost as much as the Yankees.

The Bandits, my Fall Ball team have their final weekend of ball starting tomorrow. Playoffs start Tuesday and finish the following weekend. I’m hopeful that we will do well, we have a good group.

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