Bandits, MLB, NHL, Thanksgiving…

We were scheduled to have a practice for this evening, we practice every Thursday. I recede an email asking if we’d like to change and have a game instead, one of the makeup games. Sure, we’ll be able to field a team. So, I sent an email to the team, letting them know of the change and then when I got confirmation, of sorts, I sent a confirmation email. Now, the other team can’t field a team. So, feelers went out to see if anyone else was interested in playing on short notice. Doubt that’ll happen. I guess I’ll be emailing my guys, telling them that there won’t be a game, after all. Then, if I do that, a team will show up to play… Bound to happen.

So, we are doing something tonight. Not sure what. This weekend marks the end of Fall Ball, save playoffs the following weekend, weather permitting of course. This weekend is supposed to be quite nice so I’m sure we will get our three games in. Not sure that we will get any of the makeup games made up. If not, I guess it was a 13 game season. It has been enjoyable, for sure. It is a great group of guys, all love the game of baseball. Hopefully, some of them will enter the Babe Ruth draft.

This weekend is also Thanksgiving. I’m heading to a friends place, he’s hosting dinner for a number of our co-workers. Should be good times for sure. My job is to find some sort of butter topped buns that are apparently sold at Safeway. Ok, I can do that.

On the sports front, professional sports that is, baseball playoffs have started. I’m 2/2 in my wild card predictions. The Jays and Rangers start today, noon or so, my time. It is great working from home for this and even better that I happen to have a 32″ LCD TV in my office for such emergencies.

The Flames opened up last night and despite my trash talking with my Supervisor at work, they lost, 4-1 against the visiting Canucks of Vancouver. Oh well. Long season. I will have to put up with some harassment today though, I’m sure…

Anyway, you’re all updated. Although I’m sure I’ll ramble later in, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.

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