Ah, so sorry, Yankees

Well, all is well in the baseball world again. The New York Yankees lost in convincing fashion yesterday against the Houston Astros. It was still a relatively close score at 3-0, but really, New York,was never in the game.

I am not exactly sure where I developed by strong dislike for the Yankees, it has festered over a number of years. It could be the uniforms, perhaps. Maybe it was their old owner, George. Maybe it is how they blow the salary cap all out of proportion and then pay a luxury tax. Mind you, they do this,my ear after year and they still don’t win. It might be the fans too, or maybe the people in New York in general. They tend to be arrogant, don’t they?

No, there was only a feeling of happiness last night when the final out was recorded in the 9th. Now I won’t have to see them again until some time next year. Now though, we will have to listen to their fans talk about how many World Series rings they have. Well, know what? That’s in the past. Get over it. Today, you suck.

Anyway, congrats to the Houston Astros. Now, do everyone another favour and eliminate the Royals. Another team that I dislike, almost as much as the Yankees.

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