Baseball and my predictions…

So, everything is set for MLB playoffs.  There were no sudden death games this year to determine the wild card winners, those are always extra exciting.  It amazes me that after 162 regular season games, two teams, or sometimes more than two teams can be all locked up and need an extra game to determine who goes on.

Unless you live in a cave without Internet access. you know that the Blue Jays will take on the Rangers.  The Jays had a chance to wrap up the best record in the American League, but fell short by a game.  There will be questions about how the Manager did things in the last few games – questions that will remain for who knows how long, unless the Jays manage to win the World Series.

I am hopeful that they will, but I sort of doubt that it will happen.  In all honesty, I don’t really follow MLB too closely during the season, I see enough baseball and am involved in enough baseball with coaching that MLB takes a back-burner.  The Jays second half has been exciting, for sure.  I likely watched more ball this August and September then I have since the early 90’s when they were all over baseball.  Will we see that again?  Hope so.

As I have written, this past weekend all three of our games were called due to weather.  Sort of sucks, but even though the fields were playable on Sunday, the temperature didn’t get much higher than 4 or 5 degrees, a little cold for baseball.  I am not sure if we will be able to make any of them up. I asked the League about making up during the week, so that might happen.

We have three games this coming weekend and the weather is supposed to be nice – temps in the low 20’s.  I have a long weekend as well, 4 days with Friday being a flex day and Monday being Thanksgiving.  I’ve also been invited out for Thanksgiving Dinner which is nice.  A bunch of co-workers are meeting.  Will be good times, I am sure.

I was going to go to the Flames home opener, tomorrow night but I’ve changed my mind.  Not sure why, possibly because I don’t want to go by myself.  So, I am selling the ticket online, via Ticketmaster.  If it doesn’t sell (the game is sold out, so I am sure it will), then I might reconsider and go. Id’ be surprised if it doesn’t sell.

So, playoff baseball starts tonight with the AL Wild Card.  I am hoping that the Astros can send the Yankees packing.  Tomorrow is the NL Wild Card, don’t care.  🙂  It is the Cubs at the Pirates.  OK, I will take the Cubs.  They’ve sucked for a long time.  They are due.

My predictions, and I am sure they won’t be accurate:

Astros @ Yankees -> Astros
Cubs @ Pirates -> Cubs

Rangers @ Blue Jays -> Blue Jays
Astros @ Royals -> Royals
Cubs @ Cardinals -> Cardinals
Mets @ Dodgers -> Mets

Blue Jays @ Royals -> Royals
Mets @ Cardinals -> Cardinals

Cardinals @ Royals -> Cardinals are the World Series Champs

I will check back on this – I hope I am wrong about the Jays.  I really hate the Royals, almost as much as the Yankees.  The Cards, I sort of like them.  I am not a big fan of the NL in general.  Anyway, who ya got?

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