Baseball, the dogs and snow

Today is supposed to be much warmer than it was yesterday, but, that’s still not saying a lot. It might hit 10C today, might only be 8C. Baseball is looking sort of doubtful for today as well. It I supposed to be sunny, I think, so that’ll help but if we do play, it is going to be a couple of cold games.

Dinner last night at Big T’s was excellent. I ate way too much food though. Deep fried pickleswere amazing, as always. Their chili was awesome, made with brisket. I also had onion rings, good but a little greasy. When we were done, I was asked if I wanted dessert… Yeah, like I have room for that. I was home before 9 and went to bed, was really tired for some reason. Going to bed that early had one side effect for me, it is 4am and I’m up, patiently (or not) waiting for coffee to brew.

Yesterday, Blondie, Hera and I went to the dog park as well. There was an inch of snow on the ground, making it rather slick. I’m not sure how much snow Hera might have seen last winter. She likely wasn’t out too much when she was that small. We also had a mile winter and not a heck of a lot of snow. Anyway, she quickly discovered that she didn’t quite have the traction and stopping ability that she would normally have on dry grass. It was a bit funny watching her chase a ball only to go sliding past it or wiping out trying to turn to quickly. They had fun and got some needed excercise at any rate, that’s what’s important.

A return trip today will be dryer. They love to go and it is good for all of us. Baseball, if we have it, is later in the day. The weekend is zipping by quickly, as it always does. I hope yours is going well for you.

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