A bad sports weekend…

Well, baseball wise, this weekend sucked. Yesterday, there was an inch of snow on the ground and the diamonds were closed. We had one game cancelled. Today, the high temp was around 4C and our double header was cancelled. Playing baseball in near freezing temperatures isn’t a lot of fun. It is nearly impossible to stay warm, it isn’t good for the pitchers, for sure. Position players have it a little easier, not much though. Catchers might be the only position that might enjoy it. They would be able to stay cool for a change.

So, we missed out on three games, I’m not sure when we will be able to make them up either. We might get a game in this week, during the week, not sure. I do hope we make some of them up at least.

On the Jays front, they did clinch the AL East but missed out on securing the best record in the American League and home field advantage throughout. I hate the Royals, so I’m hoping they lose anyway. That would be fine with me.

The Bills also lost today. All in all, this was a crappy weekend for sports and the teams I follow. I guess the only bright spot was the Stampeders late game win in Hamilton.

Back to work tomorrow and back to mid teens for temps. Sounds good to me.

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