I don’t mind snow, just not this time of year…

Well, it is around 2C and white stuff is falling from th sky. This has resulted in my baseball game scheduled for 2pm being cancelled. I am not sure if it will be rescheduled for sometim this week, I sort of doubt it though. Even if it was dry, we wouldn’t be playing, cold temps don’t go well with baseball, it is much mor of a football thing.

So, now what do I do with myself today? I do have some groceries to get. I do have to fill my truck with gas, although that is much more of an activity to do while on my way somewhere. M&M Meats is a destination for today for sure. Does that not sound overly exciting?

If it doesn’t snow too hard or for too long, we will take a trip to the dog park. I am not sure how much sno Hera has seen in her lifetime. She would have been a very young pup last winter and may not have spent a lot of time outside, plus, we had very little snow last winter. I’m sure she’ll like it, she wears a nice, thick, fur coat. 

Tonight is one of the best BBQ places in th city. Looking forward to that. Hopefully, the snow won’t stick around and also doesn’t make it too wet to play some ball tomorrow. Guess we will see.

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