The weekend

Today, the high is supposed to be around 20C or so.  Not bad for October 2, for sure.  Tomorrow, it will be around 4C and wet snow or rain.  Yes, typical for Calgary for sure.

We have three ball games this weekend.  One Saturday and two on Sunday.  Even if the weather is dry tomorrow, 4C is not baseball weather and I doubt that we will play the game.  We only have 6 games left this season.  The 16 games has zipped by pretty quickly.

So, likely no ball tomorrow.  That sort of sucks.  I am not sure when we would be able to make the game up if we don’t play.  There is next week but I guess we will see.

I am heading to a great BBQ place in the city with a friend from high school who’s moved to Calgary.  Will be a good evening for sure.

So, Sunday, double header.  The weather is supposed to be better, low teens for temps and dry.  It is crunch time now, push for the playoffs.  Winter will descend any time now so the baseball season will be wrapping up, sooner or later – and likely sooner.

The Babe Ruth banquet is on the 22nd.  It is held at the Red and White Club at McMahon Stadium.  Great food and this year they have a comedian to entertain us.  I am sure, positively sure that he will be better than the speaker last year – she confused everyone in the place.

Anyway, here’s to some warm and dry weather this weekend – it likely won’t work, for Saturday anyway, but I am pretty sure that the forecast has been wrong before.  Enjoy your weekend.

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