A week to catch up…

This week has been a little slower paced, which is nice. Work has been busy, but not insane busy. I had my salary review yesterday, decent pay increase despite the economic turn down. I was happy with that. I’m also really enjoying my job. It is obviously nice not having to commute to work on a daily basis but also, the people that I work with are generally pret good.

No mid-week baseball games this week.  We do have a practice on Thursday evening though. We will continue to concentrate on hitting and outfield defence and throw in some infield drills as well. The team is coming together well, everyone is improving and the players that I’d expect to be team leaders are just that.

We have three games scheduled this weekend. I’m willing to bet that the Saturday game will be postponed though. The forecast is calling for 5C as a high and flurries. Not ideal baseball weather. Sunday’s forecast is improved, low teens and sunny. Well, it is (or will be) October in Calgary.

I’ve been invited to a friends place for Thanksgiving dinner which is nice. Sounds like a bunch of singles with no local family are getting together, should be a good evening. Turkey is one of my favourite dishes. I was actually considering buying a stuffed turkey this year and going all out, now I don’t have to. Maybe I’ll do that at Christmas time.

Next week is the Flames home opener and I’m going. I was able to get a single ticket, no doubles were available, except the used market where the price is typically a bit high. Should be a good Tim, I still want to secure a home jersey from someone, hopefully I can find one. I don’t want to spend $150 or so on a jersey, not at the moment anyway.

There, you are all caught up on me. 🙂

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