What a weekend of ball

It was a busy weekend of baseball with two games on Saturday and a third on Sunday. That folow d a Wednesday night game as well, so 4 games in 5 days. The team is coming together quite well. The hitting is timely, defence is solid and the pitchers are throwing ball well. We are throwing runners out at the bases on steal attempts and on the other side of the coin, we are stealing bases with ease, it would seem.

We swept the weekend series, 3 games and 3 wins. This bring us to a 5-4 record and second place in the 5 team league. We have some recoup time now with no games scheduled until this coming weekend.

Speaking of this coming weekend, the long range forecast is calling for possible snow. That doesn’t go well with baseball, not at all. Not that I believe a forecast nearly a week out of course. They can’t typically get tomorrow’s forecast correct, never mind 5 days out. 

So, in short, congrats to the Babe Ruth Fall Ball Bandits on an awesome weekend of ball, good job all around.  Congrats as well to the Toronto Blue Jays in securing their first post season spot since the early 90’s. It’ll be nice watching the Jays in some post season action. Winning the AL East is the next goal and I think their magic number is no down to 4. I’m sure the Yankees will find a way to blow it, that is presuming the Jays don’t continue to crush the ball. Hope they make it deep into the post season.

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