A busy week, a busy weekend…

My week back to work after two weeks off was a little crazy. September is likely IT’s busiest month of the year and the last quarter is by far our busiest quarter. It flew by which is great.

I made a trip into the Calgary offic yesterday, nice to see some former coworkers. Well, not former, but people that I used to see on a daily basis. I’m starting to get busier on the server team, I think it is going to be enjoyable. It is a good thing wh you love what you do for a living.

It was also a busy week of baseball. We played a game Wednesday, was a good evening. Thursday night is practice night. We only had 8 guys out to practice but those that were there had a good session. There is also a benefit to coming to practice, they will start the first game today and most will play a full game. 

So, today we have a double header. It isn’t supposed to be overly warm, highs around 12C but it’ll be dry. We play at 2 and 5. We also play tomorrow, late game. I’m enjoying Fall Ball. A few players look like very good prospects to be drafted in the 2016 draft. I haven’t seen any catcher prospects as yet, none who,are ready for AAA anyway. We will see who comes out to evaluations in the late winter sessions.

Enjoy your weekend.

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