A busy Monday, back to work…

As I’ve written, yesterday was my first day back to work in a little over two weeks.  Mondays are always our busiest day of the week and Mondays in September are a little more insane.  The day went by quickly, to say the least.

I am glad to be back to a regular routine though.  The commute to my office was a little slow today, there was a dog in my way.  Tough times…

Nothing else on the agenda for the day for me.  No baseball, we are back on the field tomorrow.  As long as the weather is nice, I am planning on taking the dogs to River Park after work for an hour or so.  It is good for all of us.  Blondie and Hera will go after the ball continuously without ever tiring of it.  I purchased a Chuck-it, whoever invented that is likely a millionaire.  You don’t need to get slobber all over yourself and you don’t need to use any real arm action to throw the ball a hundred feet or more.  Great invention.

I plan on going into the office on Friday morning.  I have to prep some laptops for an upcoming conference.  The conference is in Banff at the Banff Centre.  The food and accommodations are amazing.  It is nestled right in the middle of a few mountains and the views are awesome.  By the end of October, the weather is often cold and white as well.  The dogs will be boarding just for one night, drop them off around 4pm and pick them up 24 hours later.  I am actually looking forward to this conference – there isn’t really a lot to do, most times.  Make sure everyone has the software they need and that is about it.  Banff is only an hour or so away as well, makes for a nice drive.

Well, I best get going and start working – enjoy your week.

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