A no hitter…

Yesterday, I witnessed the best game of baseball that I have coached since moving to Alberta and one of the best games that I have ever been a part of.

We played the early game, 10am start and the weather was beautiful.  It was warm, 15C (not bad for the morning, this time of year) and partly cloudy.  The diamond was in great shape as well which is always nice.

The “senior” player on the team got the start on the mound.  By senior, he’s one of our two 18 year olds.  In the top of the 1st, he easily found the rather small strike zone and got three up three down.  The Bandits did him excellent service and we scored 10 runs.  It has to be a great feeling for pitcher when his offence comes alive and he returns in the second inning with a 10 run lead.

Excellent defence kept the opposition off the bases with just about every team member having a part in our great D.  Two runners did get on base, through errors, keeping his no hitter alive.  I guess, if you are going to let someone on, you might as well make an error when the pitcher is trying for a no hitter, as rare as they are.

After 4 innings completed, we had a comfortable 15 run lead (15-0) and I had a relief pitcher warm up.  I didn’t realize at that time that we had a no hitter in the works so of course he returned to the mound.  The reliever, being a true team player had no issues with not taking the hill and will start in our next outing.

We retired the side in the 5th inning to win via mercy rule, we were up 15-0 at the time.  It was a good baseball day, that’s for sure.  In thinking back, I don’t specifically remember one of my pitchers ever throwing a game like that – it might have happened, I’ve coached a long time.

At any rate, congrats to the Bandits on an excellent game and good luck for the rest of the Fall Ball season.

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