Back to the diamond…

Babe Ruth Fall Ball has finally, officially start for me. I’ve attended a few practices but the double header I was supposed to be at before I went to Ontario was rained out. I missed a few games when I was away, although th had rain as well and one game was rained out in the 4th, so that’ll be made up.

Anyway, we played this afternoon at 5pm. It was a good game, pitching was good, defence was solid but our offence was lacking. We drove in two runs in the first and then went dry until the top of the 7th. We ended up losing by a final of 7-3, not a bad game at all.

We are out again tomorrow morning for the early game, starts at 10am which means we need to be at the diamond for 830, I’m sure the boys will look be that now that they are back in school. Oh well, I presume they’ll survive.

I also have to umpire tomorrow at 3pm. The umpires association can’t, for some reason, get umpires to fill our games. Not sue what the issue is. I don’t mind, will give me some cash. 

Tomorrow is also, sadly, the end of my vacation. Back to work and a regular routine on Monday.

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