My Nexus 6

I purchased a Nexus 6 Android phone a few months back. In general, it has been an excellent phone, but, I’ve had some odd issues with it.

Back in August, it was hanging on my pretty badly. It started suddenly and I would be willing to bet that some update in one of th apps caused th issue. I did a factory reset and reinstalled my apps and the phone seemed to be much better behaved.  Recently though, the battery has been dying far faster than I’d expect. It might have 4-5 hours of life with minimal use. Very odd.

The battery monitoring app said nothing was using the battery heavily. Well, somethi was for sure. I did a factory reset of it again and it has been much better. I didn’t reinstall a few Microsoft apps, essentially the Office Suite, Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I’m thinking it as Outlook, connected to my work Exchange account that was killing the battery.

I do have a work phone, so, I might as well use it and leave work stuff off of my personal device entirely. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5s and it is a nice device, small when compared to my Nexus. There are a lot of good features, I really like the finger print reader, very handy.

So, thus far anyway, the battery issue on the Nexus seems to have been resolved. I have an app that monitors usage and another that turns off WiFi if I’m not in range of a known hotspot, same with BlueTooth. So far, so good.

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