An “easy” payment…

Months ago, I made an enquiry into purchasing the domain, It is being sold by an online holding company of some sort, based out of California. I wasn’t sure what the owners would want for it, can’t hurt asking, right?

Well, I think it did hurt a little. I told th broker at the time that it was way too much to pay, we parted ways, so I thought.

Yesterday, I received an email offering to allow me to finance th domain with “easy” monthly payments of “only” $565 USD for 48 months. How could I resist? Oh, I forgot to mention, $5500 down. So, total price for the domain, just under $33000, that’s US. Nearly $45000 Canadian, I’d guess.

I am also guessing that they think I’m insane. They must also think that anyone else who’d possibly want the domain is insane. I u subscribed from their list. I’m really not interested in any offers. Thanks.

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