Back in Alberta

I flew back to Alberta yesterday afternoon. I got into Toronto shortly after 1pm and took the subway and then a bus to the airport from downtown. It is a sweet deal at only $3. I had to change my flight, I was originally booked to return on Sunday. It was just over $200 to change the flight.  Well, the flights would naturally be more expensive, costs have gone up. Oil is through the roof and I’m sure jet fuel is way more expensive. Oh, wait…

Anyway, it was $200 to change the flight. The extra time that the dogs would have been in boarding would have been $300 or so, then, when you add money I would have spent in Ontario, I save a few hundred leaving early. All in all, I’m glad to be home.

Got in late last night. Nothing to eat in the house so I got a sub at Subway. It would have been 10pm before I could have gotten the dogs so they stayed over. It didn’t cost any more for them to stay. I picked them up at 730 this morning. I think they are happy to be back. I’m happy to have them back as well.

It isn’t raining so although they look tired out, I think we’ll go for a walk. The park will be too wet so we’ll just walk around the neighbourhood. I do need to hit the bank, so that’ll work.

I’m off until Monday. No real plan for the week. It will depend what the weather does. We do have a baseball practice on Thursday and a game on both Saturday and Sunday. I think we are still waiting for our first win, hopefully the weekend brings one.

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