I created a StubHub account this morning.  I had purchased tickets for the upcoming Blue Jays game and now I won’t be in Ontario in order to use them.  I asked a couple of people if they wanted the tickets, nope, no takers.

The game is already sold out.  It is the Red Sox at the Blue Jays for a week from tonight.  I am hoping that they sell, if not, it isn’t the end of the world.

So, a little miffed with the account creation process on the StubHub site.  When you create your account, they don’t force you to enter in any details and then when you try to list your tickets, you can’t enter the account details.

So, I had to log in, modify my account (enter my address, credit card information, link my PayPal account) and THEN, I was able to post my tickets.  I guess my point is that it wasn’t particularly user friendly.  Either that or it is only 7 in the morning and I am not particularly computer friendly right now.

Anyway, my tickets are now posted.  I am asking $30 per ticket.  There is a 10% charge if they sell so I will get $27 each if I sell them.  Not a bad profit, since I said $16 each.  It is interesting though, this is essentially scalping the tickets, which used to be illegal.  I did buy them online and now am selling them online – I guess that makes it legal?  Odd anyway.

If they sell, I hope the buyers enjoy the game.

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