Ontario, day two

I slept well last night. Pulling an all nighter caught up with me, big time. I got up around 630 this morning, not bad at all. Blondie and Hera are being well cared for so I didn’t have to attend to any dogs.

I had an easy going morning and went to the Mandarin for lunch. Food was good for sure. I don’t go to buffets any longer so I wasn’t able to forge like I used to. I then visited the new outlet mall in Niagara on the Lake. It was ok, a bit expensive though. I’m not too enthused to purchase anything in Ontario though, the extra tax is a killer.

We did some setup in the back yard for my sisters memorial in the evening. We are hoping the weather will cooperate. One forecast shows all day rain, one has a slightly better outlook. I think it’s anyone’s best guess.

My Babe Ruth Fall Ball team lost our opener last evening in Calgary. I’m told it was a good game though, a 9-7 loss. We will get ’em next time. I’m looking forward to rejoining the team soon.

Tomorrow is my sisters birthday. I won’t say what the number is, it is a BIG number 😉 Happy birthday JB 😉

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