The weekend and this week…

What a cold and fairly miserable weekend that was. We had rain every day between Friday and Monday. It was also cold, yesterday was the warmest of the days and I think it hit about 12C, maybe. The forecast for the weekend has temperatures back in the mid 20’s, so that’ll be good.

In southern Ontario, where I will be in about 24 hours, I might melt. Well, the high humidity is supposed to be gone. I’m not sure if I can stand it any more. I’ve been in Calgary for 3.5 years now and it is rarely humid here, ever. I never liked it when I lived in Ontario but I guess I got used to it. I guess I will have to get used to it again.

I am getting a ride to the airport tonight. Flight takes off at 1230 and arrives in Toronto at 615. I discovered that Toronto Transit has an express bus to the airport and it goes directly to one of the subway stations. Im heading downtown, going to make a stop at our National office and then will take a bus to St. Catharines. I arrive just before 1pm then go for lunch with a friend.

Red Lobster is having shrimp fest so I think we are going on Friday evening. Gotta love all u can eat shrimp. I’m also hitting up the Mandarin which is a Chinese food buffet. Duff’s Pizzeria is also on my want list, some of the best pizza and wings I’ve ever had. One thing I’ve really missed is really good pizza here. There are, of course, hundreds of pizza places, the pizza just isn’t as good as Ontario.  There are some good wings in town, but it is sort of hit and miss and they are pricy.

So, it would seem that my trip is a food exploration. Sorta… Hey, we all have to eat and those are some of my favourite places.

Friday is my sisters birthday, somewhere in her early 50’s I think. Hopefully we are going to Red Lobster Friday, but as the birthday girl, it is her choice. Saturday is my sisters memorial. I think we’re expecting 50 or so people. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. A tent was secured so between that and the various gazebos and what not my sister has in her backyard, we should be good. 

I leave on Sunday, not sure what time as yet, I still have to book the return flight. Likely leave Toronto in the morning. It’ll be a whirlwind trip for sure.

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