A shorter version of my trip…

Happy Labour Day.  This sort of unofficial end of summer.  Well, in Calgary, summer ended some time ago, but that’s OK.

It has been a cold and pretty miserable long weekend, all in all.  The temps have been hovering around 8C and it has been rainy and if not rainy, very cloudy.  Not typical weather for Calgary for this time of year.  Well, the cold may be, but not the rain.  Typically, it is very dry.

Today the visiting Edmonton Eskimos come to town to take on the Stampeders in the annual Labour Day Classic.  I don’t mind if it is cold for the game but I am hoping it will be dry.  I can watch football in freezing cold weather and in a snowstorm, but rain makes it awful.  It isn’t supposed to rain any more today, I am hoping, for once, that the forecast is correct.

Tomorrow, I leave for Ontario.  I am going to be making a change to my trip though.  As opposed to staying for 12 days, I am leaving a week earlier to cut down on some costs.  It will cost be around $150 to make the changes to my flight but I will also only be paying for 6 days for the dogs in boarding.  I can afford that, I couldn’t see how I could afford the extra week.  I will still be able to see everyone and now my sister and brother in law won’t get tired of me.  It will be more of a whirlwind trip.  I also can pack what I need into a carry on bag, will save me time at the airport not having to wait for my luggage and will also save me the $25 rip off that the airlines now charge to check one bag.  Flight costs are also up, even though oil is at prices not seen in years – yes, airlines, you must be suffering.  Oh well.

It will be good to see everyone that I can while I am back. It will just be a quicker trip is all. When I get back, I will still have a week off as well which is awesome.

Anyway, see you soon Ontario and Go Stamps, kick some Eskimo butt…

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