Lazy Sunday

We will officially have two weeks left in summer.  It is currently 2C outside with a combination of rain and sleet and I think it wants to turn into snow.  Must be Calgary I guess.  That said however, I prefer cold weather in early September over the hot and humid crap that I used to put up with in Southern Ontario.  Speaking of Southern Ontario, I am returning Wednesday morning and I am hopeful that the humidity that is currently blanketing the area will be gone.  We will see.

Baseball was rained out yesterday which sucks. I will now not see any of the games until I return in a few weeks so I will miss 6 games, more if the missed games are rescheduled before I return. I guess, in hindsight, I should have suggested returning to Ontario in August.  Of course, I didn’t know I would be coaching Fall Ball.  At least I have a couple of good guys to take over the team in my absence.  I really don’t like making a commitment and then not being able to fulfill it.  I am getting together with the coaches this afternoon to discuss the upcoming games and where we plan on playing our players.

The weather is supposed to somewhat clear this afternoon, I am hoping I can take the dogs for a long walk without us getting soaked.  The dog park is out since it will be one large mud pit. It might be dry enough by tomorrow, Tuesday for sure.

For today, I guess some sports on TV will be the event of the day.  Enjoy yours.

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