Rain, rain, go away…

Yesterday was my last flex day of the summer. When I return to work, I’ll be back on my normal shift, 630-3. I enjoyed having every other Friday off. In one way, it is too bad it can’t continue, but I also wouldn’t want to get up so early come winter. 

It was a cloudy and cold day yesterday, highs around 6C and a windchill. Blondie, Hera and I spent about two hours at the dog park and they wanted to fetch the ball, constantly. I’m not sure that they’d ever tire of it. The rest of the day was spent like a typical Saturday, even though it was Friday, we napped.

The Bandits are supposed to open our Fall Ball season today with a double header. It isn’t going to happen, I don’t think. It has been raining pretty steady since yesterday evening and isn’t supposed to let up until sometime tomorrow. I’m not sure we’d play, even if it was dry being that it is so cold. Baseball is a summer game, although it is still summer, according to the calendar. Temperature wise, it is fall, late fall.

So, if we are scrubbed today, I won’t see the team play a game until I return from Ontario. Something to look forward to, to be sure.

Anyway, if you happen to know some sort of tribal sun and warmth dance, I’d appreciate it. Enjoy,your weekend.

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