Vacation, finally…

Today is my first day of vacation and I am up before 3am.  What sort of voodoo is in play here?  It isn’t anything out of the ordinary really, I am quite used to it, I would just prefer to sleep in until, well, maybe like 5am.  Is that too much to ask for?  I guess, maybe. In the next month and a half or so, I will switch over to my winter sleep schedule which is best described as hibernation.  I guess I am catching up on missed sleep over the spring and summer, even though I am sure that isn’t possible.

The weather forecast has changed today, for the better. It is supposed to be cool, but no rain.  Good.  We will head to the dog park when the sun rises, 3 hours from now.  For now, I have coffee, which is the early morning risers friend.

Good practice last night for the Bandits. Did some infield work, hitting in the cages and some of the pitchers threw in the bullpen as well.  It didn’t look promising around 3pm when the skies opened up but the sun quickly won that battle.  The diamond was a little mucky but we made due.

The forecast for Saturday isn’t looking too good at the moment.  They are calling for rain, pretty much all day.  I am hoping we will get our games in since I am missing the next 6 after that.  I would like to see them play before I head back east.

Anyway, since it is a long weekend, and sort of the “last” weekend of summer, try to enjoy it.

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