Fall, already? In Alberta, for sure…

Happy September.  I can’t believe it is September already, where the heck is the year going?

My first Fall Ball season with Babe Ruth starts tonight with our first practice.  I am coaching the Bandits.  I don’t remember ever being this excited to start a season of baseball, not in a long time anyway.

I think I missed having the month of August off from baseball.  Both of my teams in Babe Ruth were also out of the playoffs early, too early.  Both seasons ended on July 10.  I’ve already written about that, no need to open those old wounds.

So, Fall Ball.  A fresh start.  A new crop of players.  I only know two of them, they played for me this summer. That is 10 new players.  Damn…  Gotta learn 10 players names. Hopefully I will have their names down by the end of tonight’s practice.  I am going to miss a total of 6 games due to my trip to Ontario.

I am really looking forward to heading back to Ontario, it will be nice to see family and friends, I just wish I wasn’t missing so many games. I do have some volunteer coaches who will handle things while I am gone, so I am sure that the team will be well cared for.  I don’t think I’ve ever missed this much baseball before, on any team I’ve ever coached.  When I commit to coaching, I normally jump in with both feet.  Life, and baseball, will go on however.

We have a 16 game schedule, ending in mid October and then playoffs.  I am unsure of the playoff format.  There are 5 teams in the league so the 5th team might be dropped out of playoffs with the remaining 4 playing on.  We have a young team by the looks of it, so it will be interesting to see if that makes a difference.  I am sure that when the teams are being put together, ages are balanced along with positions.  We do have a good mixture of position players and pitchers and 4 players who identify as a catcher which is amazing.  Seeing as the Rockies are in need of a catcher, who knows, one may be drafted in February.

We open the season with a double header on Saturday.  I am looking forward to it.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate, the forecast is pretty dismal.

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