The Bandits

I received information and my team list for my Babe Ruth Fall Ball team yesterday afternoon.  I will be coaching the Bandits, sort of a cool name.  With a quick search of the Internet, here is a cool logo:

Bandits Logo 1

I have no idea what our team colours will be for the season, I have not seen the jersey’s as yet.  We start this week with a practice tomorrow and another on Thursday.  We will start play either Friday night or Saturday I would presume, no schedule released as yet – that will come today.

I am excited about coaching. The 6 weeks off of baseball has been good, but I need something to do with my time in the evenings. It is a good chance to scout out some talent for next years Babe Ruth draft, both from my team and the other 4 teams.  Several of the Rockies players are playing Fall Ball including two on my team.  One of the parents has volunteered to coach with me so that is great and one of the coached from the summer is coming back, pending his school and work schedule of course.  The parent coach isn’t concerned that I will be away for a couple of weekends for my trip to Ontario, so that is good, there will be coverage.  I was worried about that.

Today is my last super early day on a Monday morning.  I’ve been starting at 4:40am all summer, well, all of July and August anyway. It worked well in the summer, I am up anyway, but now that we are edging towards Fall, I am not as eager to get up early.  This morning, I was woken up by my alarm at 3:15am, a rare event – I typically wake up before the alarm ever gets a chance to go off.  I didn’t want to get up so the dogs have suffered thus far with no walk – we will go at lunch.  My sleep was broken up though with Hera wanting to go out at 2am.  Who does that?  Hera, apparently.  Now, she’s peacefully sleeping of course.  Dogs…

Enjoy your week, and, wish this team some luck.  Any wishes given in the summer for the Rockies fell on deaf ears apparently.  🙂

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