A good sports day on Saturday…

The air has finally cleared in Calgary and hopefully the rest of southern Alberta.  It has been lingering for a week now from forest fires in BC and in Washington. The winds have been relatively calm so the smoke stayed around.  When I was in Lethbridge for work last weekend, it was way worse than what we had in Calgary and Calgary was worse than Red Deer. Winds have finally picked up and cleared out the smoke – it no longer smells like a campfire is burning near by and the sky was a normal blue last night.

The city had some poor air quality and were advising people to avoid going outside unless necessary. On a scale of 1-10, at one point it reached somewhere in the 20’s – not good.  When it got higher, someone decided to check the recording equipment and apparently, a spider had taken up residence, skewing results.  So, Calgarians were not breathing in post-nuclear type air – it wasn’t quite as bad as originally thought.  Damn spiders…

Yesterday was a good day for my sports teams. The Jays were on first, 11AM my time. They ran over the Tigers by a 15-1 score. Encarnacion hit 3 home runs, a rare “hat trick” in baseball and was greeted to many hats being tossed onto the field and from the 5th deck into the deck below.  It took a few minutes for the crews to clean up the hats.  I don’t know that I have ever seen 3 home runs from a player in a game before – I know it has happened, I just haven’t been witness to it is all.

Next on tap, and right after the Jays victory, was pre-season NFL action with the Steelers visiting the Bills in Buffalo. The game was on one of the NFL networks which I was surprised I got.  It was a close game to start, didn’t end that way.  The Bills killed on home field, 43-19.  One more game in the pre-season on September 3, they have looked pretty darn good.  I was worried when they signed their new coach, Rex Ryan, but he’s looking pretty good and seems like he’ll be a good fit in Buffalo.  The only thing that may stop them from reaching the Super Bowl is a QB.  We will have to wait and see if the current crop of quarter backs is up to the job of getting them there.  One can hope.

Starting shortly after the Bills started, the Calgary Stampeders played the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  I tried split windows on my TV to watch both games at the same time, but I tend to do something else when watching football and only listen to the commentators most of the time, looking up when I hear some excitement in their voices or I catch the replays. So, on a split screen, I didn’t have that – didn’t work for me.  No fear anyway, the Stamps blew out the Bombers after a close first half and won by a final of 36-8 and enough to have sole possession of first place.  This was a back to back road week so I haven’t been to a game in a couple of weeks. The Stamps host the rival Eskimos on Labour Day, right before I head out for my trip to Ontario.  I will miss their next home game when BC comes to town, but I have given the tickets to two of my baseball players – I hope they enjoy the game.

So, Saturday was a good day for my sports teams.  Too bad hockey hasn’t started yet, the Flames could have added to the day.  Soon enough.

Today will be a park day for the dogs and I – they need a good run around and swim in the river. With the poor air quality, we’ve been taking it easy this week so the fresh air today will be good for getting out.  Nothing else planned, going to take it easy.

It will be a short week at work, I am off on Friday and holidays start.  I won’t be back at it until the 22nd which will be nice. Fall Ball starts some time this week, not sure when exactly. I should get a team list today perhaps and games start by the end of the week.  No schedule or anything at the moment.  No idea if I have gotten any coaches to help out.  I hope the League has found someone, I will be away for 2 weekends of the schedule. The coaches from the summer will be able to cover but we might have some gaps. I am sure it will all work out, it always does.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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