Ontario, here I come (well, soon)…

Another week of work and I am off for two weeks.  Mostly off anyway.  I am in Ontario for two weeks, I have enough lieu time and vacation time that I am only working one day while in Ontario as opposed to a whole week.  I am going to our National office for a day.  I will be able to meet some co-workers that I have never met before and I will see others that I haven’t seen in just about two years.  It will be a good day I am sure.  I also lost a bet to my boss two Super Bowls ago so I am finally paying the debt off – lunch. We are heading out with a small group to somewhere called the Irish Embassy – the menu looks good.

The primary reason for my return visit is my sisters memorial. It is being held in my sister and brother in laws back yard which, through a lot of hard work (and some efforts, apparently, from the Munchkins from Wizard of Oz) into quite an oasis.  It will be nice to see family and friends, wish it was for another reason.

I am also seeing people that I have not seen in a couple of years.  There are many planned meals with friends.  One of my favourite places in St. Catharines is the Mandarin, a Chinese food buffet. We are heading there for lunch the day after I arrive – no sense in delaying that. I am also planning a trip to Duff’s, the best pizza and wings I have ever had – I am hoping nothing has changed. I am also hitting up Carlos Cantina in downtown St. Catharines the day I arrive – it is amazing Mexican food and I am going with a former co-worker.  Red Lobster will also, hopefully, be having their Shrimp Fest – all-u-can eat Shrimp.  Mmm mmm mmm…  There are also the old breakfast places that I like.  We call one of them the Greasy Spoon, at the corner of Welland and Geneva in St. Catharines.  It is actually called Golden Brothers.  There is also The Lancer on Queenston St. My sister doesn’t care for it there, so she isn’t going.  🙂  It appears that I am hitting Ontario for the food.  Maybe…  I haven’t found places in Calgary that I love like some of the places in Niagara.  There are other places I like to go, but, unless I want to eat out 7 days a week, I don’t think I will have time – never mind the money.  I am also hoping to meet a friend from Ottawa for lunch – we meet at the approximate half way point, Peterborough.  There is a place there called Hot Belly Momma’s and it might be my favourite restaurant of all time.

I am also going to a Jays game with my brother in law. It is almost sold out and will be by game time for sure. I was able to get two seats together, in the 5th deck and because it is or will be sold out, there is no moving to the field level for us.  Oh well…  I can’t find my Jays jacket, I must have left it in Ontario when I moved and I am sure it was sold in one of the many yard sales my sister had.  I do have a Jays hat, guess that will do.

The dogs will be in boarding again.  They seemed to love it there, can’t blame them, it looks like they had an awesome time.  I will miss them over the 11 days I am away for sure, but, it will be nice to see my sisters dog, Chloe again.

All in all, I am really looking forward to the trip. Will be a good one.

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