Back to the routine, well, tomorrow anyway…

Today it is back to the regular routine, sort of.  I am off work today.  After working about 60 hours in 5 days, I wanted a day off.  I don’t know how my brother in law does it, he works 60 weeks for weeks on end at times and his job is slightly more physically intense than mine is – he’s in construction, I sit at a keyboard all day.

We all discovered that we are no longer use to working on our feet for 10+ hours a day, not at all.  Our feet were killing us, so were our legs.  I presume, naturally, that there is more gravity in Lethbridge than in Calgary.  Makes sense.  What else could it be?  Age?  Nope…

So, today I am off, no real plans.  The air quality outside is horrible. There is a blanket of smoke over most of Southern and Central Alberta from wildfires in BC and Washington. It is advised to stay inside if you can with the windows closed. What fun.  I think it is supposed to clear by tomorrow.

I have some running around to do but if the air is really bad, I may not be taking the dogs to the park and river today – we will see.

Speaking of the dogs, they were happy to see me when I picked them up last night. I was worried that Hera would go nuts. When I go across the street to the store, she acts like I’ve been gone for 6 months.  Last night, she also acted as if I was gone for 6 months.  So, apparently, to a dog anyway, going to the store and being away for 5 days is the same thing – what a concept of time.  Blondie was regularly happy to see me – she’s been left before and I am sure she knew I’d be back.  I did miss them.  It was nice having them back last night.  A repeat will be done in two weeks when I head to Ontario. That time, it will be for 11 days.

So, wherever you are, enjoy Hump Day. 🙂

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