See ya Lethbridge, hey there Red Deer…

I got back from Lethbridge shortly after 7pm last night. It was a good drive back, despite a missed exit in Fort McLeod but that happens. I had the gps turned on leaving Lethbridge as I wasn’t sure of the route, then, once in the highway I figured I (and my passenger) could follow signs. Guess not. Oh well.

So, it was a pretty good weekend, all in all. Tiring for sure, long days. I slept well which is odd. I typically don’t like hotel beds. Not the case here. The room was interesting. It was new furniture, all in good condition but it looked as if it was frozen in 1960 or so, maybe 1970. Sort of cool, really. The bathroom was also done in 60’s or 70’s style too. Hey, everything worked and it was clean. The restaurant provided most of our meals and they were all buffets. I’m going to miss a hearty breakfast this morning.

I am shortly off to Red Deer for the day. I’m sort of tired of driving but I’ll survive. At least this is a day trip. On the way home, I’ll pick up Blondie and Hera. I’m sure they’ll be happy to see me, I know I’ll be happy to see them. They’ve apparently had a great time boarding. A few pictures have been sent and they look happy and Hera has been working on her manners.

Only the rest of this week, and I’m taking tomorrow off of work and then a 4 day week next and then I’m off to Ontario. Blondie and Hera will head back to boarding. I’ll be boarding as well, 5 star accommodations at my sister and brother in laws place. It’ll be good to visit family and friends.

Well, stuff to do before I’m back on the road. Enjoy your day abs safe travels.

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