On being a morning person…

I have become, over the years, a morning person.  Not all year though, only in the spring, summer and early fall.  I get up early and can function from the moment that I get up – without any real issues.

I am no longer a night hawk.  I am not sure I ever really was.  Maybe back in my youth when I would go out to the bars until all hours of the night and then end the evening sitting in a coffee shop with my friends until the sun came up.  I could do that then, now, no.

Yesterday, we worked in the new Lethbridge office and around 9pm, I was done.  I was out of energy and decided that I was returning to the hotel.  The other guys didn’t argue.  I slept from about 10pm until this morning at 5:40am.  That is the longest that I’ve slept in for a LONG time.

The good thing that might come out of the this weekend of work is that I am hoping I will be able to break the habit of having a nap after work.  Right now, I am waking up at around 4am each day.  I take the dogs for a walk and start working at 5:30 and I finish at 3. I let the dogs out after work and then around 3:15 or so, we have a nap.  We do this just about every day. I think I’ve become dependant on having that nap, unless I am busy in the afternoon and evening I guess.  In those cases, I seem to be able to drag myself through. I am hoping that if I drop the nap, I can wake up a bit later and then sleep through the night.  Guess we will see.  A Saturday afternoon nap is still a good idea though, gotta love those.

Anyway, it has been a good weekend.  We’ve gotten a lot done too. I am looking forward to returning to Calgary tomorrow.  Then, I am off to Red Deer on Tuesday and Tuesday night, I will be reunited with my dogs – looking forward to that as well.  They do seem to be having a good time, but I am sure they miss me a bit at least and I know I miss them.

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