Lethbridge, here I come…

I am heading to Lethbridge this morning for the weekend, well, actually, until Monday. The office is moving, right around the corner apparently. I think the lease was up in their old space. The new space is also larger. Three of us are handling the move. My co-worker and I are driving from Calgary and another tech is coming in from Kelowna to handle the phone systems. Hopefully everything goes well.

Blondie and Hera are spending the weekend with someone who boards dogs in her home. I dropped them off yesterday afternoon. I’m hoping they don’t cause any issues, they are pretty good dogs though so I think all will be well. When I said I was leaving, Blondie immediately went to the front door, looking up at me saying she was ready to leave.  Hera didn’t seem to mind staying and I’m sure Blondie was fine.

It was quiet in the house last night. I was able to sweep dog hair up without two dogs investigating my every move. I also had the whole bed to myself, I still slept at the edge, the part that the dogs let me have of THEIR bed. 🙂

So, a couple of days of extra work, no relaxing time for the weekend, but I’ll survive. Enjoy your weekend.

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