Taking a break… (from CoC)

I have been playing Clash of Clans for a little over a year now. It is a fun game, very easy to play, not a lot of advanced strategy, good for any age really.  I have three accounts, likely too many and likely one of the reasons I am growing tired of it.  I have been in a great clan with some interesting and fun people for most of the time that I have been playing.  I was one of the co-leaders as well.

Yesterday, after our latest war ended, I decided to leave the Clan without any notice on all three of my accounts. I did send a message to the Clan leader and the other co-leaders, not really explaining why, but to let them know I had left.

I received some supportive emails questioning why I left. I said I was playing too much and it wasn’t as much fun as it used to be.  I am sort of surprised I have lasted as long as I have since I typically tire of games pretty quickly. The Clan is well organized, perhaps too well and some of that is my fault. We have too many rules, I think, and have gotten away from focusing on having fun – after all, it is just a game. A very addictive game.

So, I created some space for new people to join, perhaps. I see that one of the members was promoted to co-leader in my absence. I have been told I am welcome back and maybe after a couple of months off I will miss it and I will return. I don’t know.

I will continue to play a bit with my accounts. I have resources to collect and buildings to build. I will be attacked and I will defend.  I might launch some attacks of my own as well.

The game world of Clash of Clans is an interesting one. You sort of become friends with the people in the Clan, you chat with one another, in a very informal setting. I have never met any of the people in the Clan (with one exception) and over a year, you get to know one another.  I will miss that.  If I find I miss it enough, maybe I will be back.  Guess time will tell.

Keep on Clashing.  Have fun.

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