Quick weekends

Yesterday was a relaxing day. It also rained for most of the day. The dogs were restless since we didn’t go for a walk in the rain. We finally went out around 8pm and did a good hour long walk. We walked along the river, avoided the rain that was still around despite the forecast that called for no rain at all.

The Stampeders were at home against the Red Blacks, I didn’t go to the game, I gave the tickets to a coworker. I hope he had a good time, I watched from home, probably got to see the game better anyway. I, trying to save as much money as I can for my upcoming trip to Ontario so I figured I wouldn’t go to this game – I always seem to drop at least $50 when I’m there. 

It is supposed to be a nicer day today. I need to pick up the rest of Hera’s prescription from the drug store and also need to pick up dog food. Both places are pretty well side by side so that’ll be a good walk. Nothing else planned other than cutting the grass, presuming it doesn’t rain again, I won’t hold my breath.

This week will be a quick one at work. I work Monday through Wednesday, have my flex day on Thursday and then head to Lethbridge for the weekend for the office move. Blondie and Hera will head into boarding, hopefully they’ll enjoy it and won’t cause any problems. They are both good dogs so I think they’ll be fine. The weekend in Lethbridge will be busy but I think it’ll be enjoyable. 

Enjoy your Sunday 🙂 

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