A rainy weekend

It is supposed to rain today, tomorrow and for the next few days after that. This is odd, to me, since typically, in Calgary (while I’ve been here anyway) it doesn’t rain past the middle of July or so. Anyway, it has been quite wet the last few weeks. At least baseball is over, for the time being anyway. 

So, with rain and no vehicle, it makes it sorta hard to go out and do anything, without getting wet that is. The dogs will go out and pee and what not but I’m not sure either would want to go for a long walk in the rain, or is that me who doesn’t want to go for a long walk in the rain?

Anyway, today I plan on watching the Jays game, do some house stuff (cleaning, laundry, lots of fun) and then after that, well, I’ll see.

Tomorrow, more of the same. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your weekend. Have fun.

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