Hump day, closer to the weekend…

I went into the office to work today, I think it was only the 6th time this year. It wasn’t bad, a sort of more relaxing day than what I am used to. 

Next week, I think I have to head to Red Deer for a day and at the end of the week, I’ll be in Lethbridge for 4 days. The dogs are going into boarding. I’m not using my regular place, they are boarding with a person who cares for them in her home. Hopefully they like it and hopefully the person caring for them returns those likes. Blondie is a pretty mild mannered dog, Hera though is pretty high energy, she is a pup after all. I’m sure they’ll do fine.

Friday night is the BDO golf event, should be good. I golf about once a year at the most. I am sure I’ll suck, per usual. Saturday is the Stamps versus Ottawa Red Blacks game, I’m not going, I gave the tickets away to a co-worker. I was in a charitable mood I guess.

Not much else going on, same old. A month from now my trip to Ontario will be here, I’m looking forward to it.

Anyway, today was hump day so the weekend is that much closer. Enjoy.

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