What? A 5 day work week?

After having a week off and then back to back 3 day weekends, I actually have to work 5 days this week.  Well, nearly.

I am taking a few hours off on Friday for the BDO Calgary golf tournament.  I golf, badly, once a year at this tournament.  It is only 9 holes.  It is likely an executive course (par 3) and it is best ball, so it isn’t that bad.  One of our twenty of my shots, or so, I actually look like I know what I am doing.  One out of a hundred, I actually look like a pro.

Dinner is included after golf.  Free dinner is always good.  A few free drinks is also a good thing.  Regardless of how badly I golf, it will still be fun.  I enjoy walking the course, at the very least.

So, back to working 5 days this week. I am actually working as I type this blog entry.  Well, I am waiting for a server to restart.  As I typed that, my connection to work died.  What fun.

Anyway, I better figure that out, so, have a good night.  🙂

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3 Responses to What? A 5 day work week?

  1. edwardmoloughney says:

    You broke the server or the connection to it? Lol jokes!


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