Happy birthday to me :-)

So, this was my birthday weekend. I turned 44 yesterday. I don’t feel 44 though, I don’t think. How does one feel when they are 44? I feel, and act, much more like a 19 year old, I think. It was a low key birthday. A birthday isn’t a big event for me really, so, I’m another year older. We all get older. Who cares.

I used to have what I called a Birthday Festival. It would start the Friday before my birthday and end the Sunday after. So, this year it would have been a 3 day event and as long as, what, 10 days at the longest I guess. I did it more to drive family and friends nuts than anything. That’s part of my charm.

So, yesterday, I took Blondie and Hera to the dog park and dropped by the campaign office. I didn’t want to do door knocking, it isn’t my favourite job. I like the walking part, that’s fine. I really don’t care for people I don’t know, especially for ones who might have vastly different political opinions from my own. So, I did a little paper filing at the office and cooked up assuages for volunteers on one of the largest BBQ’s I’ve ever seen. After that, I went home and did one of my favourite Saturday afternoon activities with the dogs – we napped.

So, a low key day. No birthday cake (I’m off cake anyway), no candles. i did get a lot of posts on Facebook from friends wishing me a Happy Birthday, that’s always good.  My sister says they will take me for dinner when I visit Ontario. Maybe I can swing the Keg, yeah, that would be nice. The Keg in St. Catharines is in an old warehouse and is quite nice. I am sure my sister will read this and will say no way, or something slightly less polite.

Anyway, nothing much planned for today. Trip to the dog park is in order soon. We might head to the river as well for a swim. To clarify, the dogs will swim, I will not. Back to work tomorrow and it is a 5 day work week. I’ll survive though. Only another 3 or 4 weeks until I’m off for 2 and hit Ontario for a bit.

Enjoy the end of your weekend.

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