I’ll have my pill burrito now please…

As readers know, I adopted a 6 month old shepherd 3 weeks ago now, Hera.  She is a pretty good dog, I must admit.  I had forgotten about some of the “fun” that puppies bring with them.  I guess because she is a BIG puppy, I figured some of those issues wouldn’t apply – I was wrong.

She hasn’t totally mastered going outside to pee as yet.  Either that, or I haven’t mastered seeing the signs that she wants to go out.

I work from home and now when she comes to my office to visit, I presume she wants to go out.  I let her out, she pees and I praise her.  Blondie looks at me like “what are you saying she’s a good girl for, she only peed”…  I am hoping that accidents will soon be a thing of the past.

Hera has some medical issues, I knew this before I adopted her.  She has epilepsy and it is perfectly controlled with medication.  She needs to take her medication twice a day.  I give it to her at 8AM and 8PM, 7 days a week.  To remind me, I have set my phone to give me a reminder twice a day.  I don’t forget that she needs her pills, but I do now know what time it is at times.

When I go to the counter beside the fridge (where her pills are), I can almost hear her saying “I’ll have my pill buttito now, thanks”.  I was using pill pockets for them, but they are sort of pricey.  I have switched to a quarter cheese slice.  I put the pills in it, roll it up, burrito style, and she gobbles them down, no problems, no questions asked.  Blondie, naturally, would complain until time ended if she didn’t get something as well so she gets an empty burrito – just cheese.  At least I am using Kraft Singles and not those overly gross oil-based cheese slices that aren’t fit for man (or dog).

Hera will get tested for her levels in October – as she gets bigger, we may have to adjust the amount of medication she gets.  It isn’t too expensive, a little under $40 per month.  So, essentially, I need to go out for dinner one less time per month.  Not a huge concession on my part to have another wonderful dog as part of my life.

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