A look ahead – August

So, it is August already.  The summer has flown by.  Coaching baseball tends to do that. I am busy so days and evenings go by quickly.

August tends to be a little slower.  It is slower at work, which is sort of a nice break. Some days, it is a bit TOO slow and the days drag on a bit. I am doing a flex schedule this summer at work so I get every other Friday off.  I work an extra 50 minutes per day so I start my day earlier. It is a pretty good deal and I am glad that it is offered.

So, this week is a flex day week.  I was off on Monday for Heritage Day so I only have a 3 day work week.  No plans for Friday.  I’d say I will sleep in, but I know I won’t.  I will likely take the dogs down to River Park, weather permitting of course and will let them swim in the Bow. I have not seen how Hera likes the water as yet. Blondie loves it so I am sure Hera will follow her in.

No weekend plans.  No football this weekend, the Stampeders are on their bye week. I would like to do a bon fire one of these nights – was going to last evening but we had some nasty thunderstorms roll through.

I do have some campaign stuff scheduled.  Saturday is also my birthday.  No plans on that – I would guess that my sister and brother in law will fly in to take me to dinner at Hy’s downtown.  🙂

Fall Ball will start at the end of the month so that will be good.  I am still putting together a coaching staff for the team.  I will be able to be there except for when I visit Ontario for a couple of weeks. Some of the guys who coached this summer will be able to help out, so I think we are covered.  I want to see what sort of talent is coming into the league for the draft that will happen in February.

Anyway, I guess I will take August one day at a time and see what comes up.

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