As I have written, my truck is currently on the fritz.  Since it is off baseball season, I really don’t need a vehicle all that much at the moment, so I am waiting until I return from Ontario in September before I get it looked at.

In the meantime, I am using Car2Go for my travel needs for groceries and what not. It is a good service, you pay by the minute for the use of a Smart Car. On long weekends, they run a special, $60 for any 24 hour period.  Not a bad deal really, it included everything, including gas.

This past weekend, I had one from Saturday morning until Sunday morning.  I used it to drive to the football game on Saturday night (also got a parking ticket, parking too close to a yield sign, have to find out if I pay it or if I get billed by Car2Go for it) and then used it for running around on Saturday and again on Sunday morning. I had several stops to make so using a taxi wouldn’t have been cost effective.

They are funky little cars, only hold two passengers. I wouldn’t want to drive one on the highway, but in town, they are pretty good.  They don’t take up a lot of room, they turn on a dime and you can park them anywhere. A great way to get around for sure.

Thanks Car2Go. Made getting around this weekend a little easier.

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