Heritage Day…

Today is day three of my three day weekend. Nothing on tap for today really. I do have some stuff to do around the house though. I want to setup my computer desk for my personal computer. The office has been going for a bit now, a few weeks anyway. I moved my smaller desk into my living room but thus far have been too lazy to set everything up.

I have an older laptop that I can connect, with a docking station and an older desktop computer that used to be a server. It has dual Xeon processors, makes it pretty quick, but it also won’t run Windows 7. I doubt it will run Windows 8 or 10 either. So, it is stuck with XP, not that this is a bad operating system, the main issue is that it is no longer supported by Microsoft. Ubuntu is another option, although, my main purpose for that computer is games, older games. Ubuntu won’t do that. Guess I will see what becomes of it. 

The laptop is now about 10 years old. I am not even sure what operating system it has on it, likely Ubuntu as well. I don’t think I’ve had it turned on since I’ve moved to Calgary. The battery doesn’t hold a charge at all any more and HP doesn’t make replacement batteries for it. So, having it on a docking station is my best best. I think it has 8gb of memory, a real work horse for its day.

It looks like it may rain today. If it does, that’ll mean that the lawn won’t be cut, not that it really needs it yet. I could do some whacking of weeds as well. Guess I will play that by ear.

A nap is also on tap. I went o bed late and woke up around 530 so that isn’t enough beauty sleep for me.

Well, happy Civic Holiday or Heritage Day or whatever your province calls it. If you are outside of Canada, I guess it is a normal Monday for you. Enjoy it anyway 🙂

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