Twice daily reminder…

My phone gives me a reminder at 8am and again at 8pm to give Hera her pills. She takes medication twice a day to prevent seizures. I was putting the pills in pill pockets, but the pill pockets were a little expensive, about 30 cents each. So, I’ve switched to a quarter Kraft Single. She takes her pills really well. Zeus, for instance used to spit them out. Hera gobbles them up.

Not to leave Blondie out of the equation, she gets a piece of cheese as well. I’m sure she’d lodge some sort of complaint if Hera got a cheese slice and she didn’t. To ensure that I don’t forget, although I’m reminded, I purchased a 7 day pill box. I fill it up and it has morning and afternoon trays for pills. I guess the one positive is that I’m using this for my dog, as opposed for myself.

I bought a three month supply of Hera’s medication. It works out to a little less than $40 per month, more than I originally thought. Oh well, she’s worth it. 🙂

The three day weekend is 2/3 over, or nearly anyway. I tired the dogs out again this morning, early, with a trip to the dog park. They slept most of the morning away and joined me for an afternoon nap. Same plan for tomorrow, dogs like a consistent routine. I like consistent naps.

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