Saturday wrap-up… 

Yesterday was a pretty darn good day off.

It started around 5am or so, watched some tv, drank some coffee (speaking of that, coffee is no ready), took the dogs to River Park and tired them out and then did some running around. I rented a Car2Go for the day, 24 hours to be precise. I stopped at Best Buy to return a headset that I couldn’t use. Did some other errands that sort of require a car as well.

The afternoon the dogs and I napped, it is one of my favourite Saturday afternoon things to do. Turns out, the dogs love napping, likely as much as I do.

The Stampeders hosted Montreal last night, 5pm start. It started poorly and didn’t look like Calgary would be able to win with all the injuries the team has, they were down 17-0. They managed to storm back, Montreals offence was all first quarter. The final was 25-22, a good game for sure. After the game, it was Boston Pizza. Not the best meal I’ve ever had at BP, not the worst though. I won’t try that again…

Today, there is nothing on the agenda, nothing pressing anyway. As soon as th sun rises, we are heading back to River Park. It is good getting there and home before it heats up. I’m sure another nap is on the schedule for the afternoon.

For now, I need coffee, otherwise I’ll be cranky. Enjoy your day. 🙂


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