Baseball, tired dogs and a Long Weekend

Last night I went down to Optimist Park to watch game 2 of the AAA Babe Ruth Championships, game 2 of a 3 game series.  The Giants were already up 1 game to none against the Indians. A win on Thursday would give the Giants a 3-peat championship.

The Giants scored 5 runs in the top of the first inning, putting the Indians behind a real hard place. The rest of the game was well played, the Indians pitcher settled in and some great ball was played. At the end of it, the Giants won, 7-2 was the final, it was never in much doubt.

A lot of the AAA players across the league are ageing out this year, AAA is going to be much different next year, that’s for sure. My team, the Rockies, are going to lose 8 of 14 players and most teams are in similar situations. The draft is going to be interesting, I am hoping to find an older (16-17) year old catcher who can move directly to AAA.  That is a long shot, but I can hope.

I will be coaching Fall Ball this September and October.  I am putting together a coaching staff to ensure we are covered, especially when I am in Ontario for 2 weeks.  We will get to scout out some of the talent coming up from the A league and some of the players moving or wanting to move to Babe Ruth from the various Little Leagues around Calgary.

After I returned home, Blondie, Hera and I walked down to River Park.  We didn’t leave until around 9:30pm, so it was already getting dark.  The walk to the park is about a kilometre.  We walked around the park for 45 minutes or so, well, I walked around the park.  The dogs chased a ball, each other and other dogs. We then walked home, another kilometre. Needless to say, I had two tired dogs.  They are still sort of tired this morning.  I have heard, and read, that a tired dog is a happy dog.

I try to get them to the park a few days a week, it is good for all of us.

This is a long weekend, Heritage Day in Alberta on Monday.  Tomorrow is the Stampeders home game against Montreal. Weather is supposed to be fantastic all weekend, so that is a plus.

Enjoy your weekend and if you are in Canada, I think we all have a long weekend too.  Have fun.

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