Music and Kevin…

Music is a large part of my life.  I listen to the radio almost all day when I am working, muting it when I have a phone call to make or if I really need to concentrate.  I also listen to it when I am driving or when I take the dogs to the dog park, when I am at the gym or on public transportation (mostly to avoid people trying to talk to me).

When I was in Ontario, I pretty well listened to Q107 Toronto and loved it.  There were aspects that I didn’t like, naturally.  They tended to play too much KISS and Van Halen, I hate both bands.  I can almost tolerate Van Halen, they are only mildly annoying.  KISS, on the other hand, is completely talentless and I can’t even stand to listen to them for more than a few seconds.  There are a couple of songs that don’t sound like nails on a chalkboard, but those seem to play very infrequently.

When I moved to Calgary, 3.5 years ago, I didn’t know what to listen to.  I bounced around a bit.  I discovered Q107 Calgary with a new morning crew, Jeff & Sarah who moved to Calgary shortly after I did.  I didn’t look back and have been listening to them pretty well steady since I arrived.  They are actually better than Q107 Toronto, in most aspects.  Like Q107 Toronto though, they play far too much KISS and Van Halen.  I don’t understand why though.  Do the DJ’s like it, does the station make more money playing it?  Does the general public like it?

So, if they play something I don’t like, I typically turn it off.  Easy enough.

Well, back at Q107 Toronto, there was an evening guy who I really liked.  You can follow him on Twitter, @alexhindmarch – he’s from the UK, been in Canada a while now.  Shortly after I moved to Calgary, he followed me West and moved to Edmonton.  I listened to him online a few times, but that isn’t convenient and most radio stations are blocked (for streaming) at work anyway.

Well, a few months ago, Alex moved to JackFM in Calgary.  JackFM plays a huge variety of music, HUGE.  They very rarely play Van Halen and even more rarely play KISS.  Those are two huge plusses.  The music mix is, as I’ve said, huge.  They play stuff from the classic rock era up to recent music.  They play classic rock, rock, pop, a little bit of everything.

Not that the radio stations really care, but, slowly but surely, I am drifting over to JackFM from Q107.  I start my day with Q107 and the Jeff and Sarah Show and as soon as they play a song I hate, I switch.  Today, it was nearly 90 minutes.  Yesterday, it was only 20 minutes or so.

Anyway, as I’ve said, I am sure the stations don’t care – other than this blog post and some tweets, no one knows.  A bonus point, for me anyway, Alex has been moved to the host of the morning show on Jack.  Not sure what happened to the old morning show, but Monday was it for them – they’ve moved on.

So, welcome to my mornings @alexhindmarch (@JackFMCalgary).  I will see you occasionally, @JeffSarahShow (@Q107Calgary).

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