Lots going on…

Apparently, one of the Alberta offices is moving locations in August. Being from Calgary, I have been tasked with helping with the office move. I will be heading to Lethbridge for a weekend in August.  That will mean putting Blondie and Hera into boarding for the weekend. I have an email out to the person who they are boarding with in September to see if she is available – I am waiting to hear back. If that falls through, then I will board them down at Country Club.

One minor issue is that I no longer have a working vehicle so getting them to Country Club will require the assistance of a friend. Well, more of a loan of a vehicle then the friend helping…

So, this will be the first time I have done an office move, should be fun.  As I write this, we are having a meeting to discuss the specifics.  I am sorta bored with meetings, I am listening but it isn’t rocket science.

Nothing too much going on this week.  Work, of course. I might try to catch some of the AAA Babe Ruth play-off action.  It starts tonight but I think I will catch Thursday’s game as a winner could be declared.  If it is split Thursday, the final is Friday.

This week has the Stampeders playing at home on Saturday against Montreal.  A friend of mine is coming along.  It is supposed to be a hot weekend, should be good.

Next week is a short week – Monday is a holiday, Civic Holiday but I don’t think it is called that in Alberta.  Heritage Day sounds right.  Next Friday, the 7th, is my flex day so only a 3 day week.  Not a bad deal.

Anyway, back to the meeting – almost wrapped up. 🙂

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