My week off is over…

The week long baseball tournament that Babe Ruth Calgary hosted ended yesterday afternoon. The final was a good game, until the 8th inning. It was tied at the end of 7, the eventual losers of the game seemed to be out of pitching. It ended up as an 11-6 score. All in all, an excellent tournament. There were a lot of positive comments from parents and coaches so that’s good.

So, after the game, I return to my truck and it won’t turn over. Nice. Luckily for me, I have CAA Plus. I called, was told a truck would be there within 2 hours. 45 minutes later, a truck is there. He tries a couple of things, we can’t get it going so he tows me home. Now that baseball is over, I really don’t need a vehicle all that much. Transit in the city is pretty darn good and there is also the Car2Go service. I think I’ll be waiting until I return from Ontario to have whatever is wrong fixed – I’m trying to save some money for thr trip. So, I’ll walk and maybe get back on the bike as well.

Today there is a dog event today, Pet-a-polloza, in the downtown area, I think I’ll zip by with the dogs. I’m considering taking the bus there, will have to find out if I’m allowed to take two dogs on the bus or if the limit is one. We can walk, it would be a bit of a jaunt. Walk one way, taxi back? That might work too… If not, then we will go to the dog park. It is supposed to be nice today, a little cool perhaps.

Back to work tomorrow, 24 hours from now, exactly. It was a good week off.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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