The week that was…

My week off is just about over. In fact, you might consider that it is over now since we are back to the weekend. It was a good week off, sorta relaxing, saw some excellent baseball, saw so,e not so good baseball as well.

Yesterday was the playoff round for the Babe Ruth Regional Tournament. Calgary, as host, had two entries. Both our AA Blues and AAA Blues were in. Oddly enough, they met yesterday in the quarter finals. It was close for a few innings and then the AAA’s pulled ahead and won, 12-2 in 7 innings. They went on to the semi finals and lost, unfortunately, 5-0. Today is the championship game, starts at noon.

Before then, I want to take the dogs to the dog park, need to take a couch to the dump (damn thing fit through the door, wouldn’t go around the corners, too tall to stand up – oh well. It was actually a good thing I guess. When it was outside, in natural light, I saw how dirty it was. It needed a professional cleaning, that’s for sure. I have found a few “leather like” futons which will work. For now, I still only have a chaise in the living room and now have two dogs who squeeze onto it with me, a big, happy family.

Tomorrow, I might take my dogs to an event downtown, Dog-a-Polooza, I think it is called. A bunch of dog friendly vendors, seeking who knows what. This will depend in weather of course. Being made of sugar, I don’t want to melt going out in the rain.

Enjoy your weekend.

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