Flying by…

My week off is flying by. Work weeks go by pretty quickly as well but it is Thursday already. Only 4 days off left so I am more than half way done. It’s been an enjoyable week.

There has been some good baseball in the tournament that we are running. The AA team lost their first game, pretty badly but bounced back nicely yesterday afternoon for a good win, after a delayed start due to storms in the area with funnel clouds pictured – sorta scary. The AAA team crushed their opponent, final was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 21-1. The round robin wraps up today with playoffs tomorrow and the championship on Saturday. 

Hera is proving to be one pretty good puppy. I need to clear her of some bad habits but they are coming around as well. One of them is her chewing on Blondie’s ears. Blondie really doesn’t like it, can’t say I blame her though. She has yelped a couple of times before I can catch Hera in the act. She’s getting better on this though.

I am sure Blondie is asking why I brought a puppy into the house. Well, Zeus definitely asked that question a little over 4 years ago. They do get along well, the wrestling is fun to watch and I can tell Blondie is tired out, so is Hera. It also takes some of my need to “entertain” Blondie away from me.

Hera goes to the vet today. All adoptions from the Humane Society come with a free checkup so that’s great. She also needs her last two shots, rabies and kennel cough. I also need to refill her subscription for her pills. She takes them very easily in a pill pocket. I’m going to switch to a half cheese slice or something though, pill pockets aren’t cheap. 

So, on tap for today. I have an appointment with a personal trainer at GoodLife, this is included with my membership. I the. Take the dogs to the vet, Blondie just for the ride. Scoring two baseball games and then I think Blondie, Hera and I will watch the evening game. All in all, not a bad day.

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